Face Frame Crown Bar

  • Made of Oak or Maple in the USA.
  • Bar Tops come unattached (screws are provided).
  • Bar Tops are 24" deep, which means they are 8" deeper than the Base. The Top can overhang the base in the front, back or both depending on placement.
  • Bar tops do not overhang the sides.
  • Crown mouldings add additional length and width. 
  • All Bars have 1 adjustable shelf. Additional shelves are available.
  • Combine standard Bar widths to create longer bars. A one piece top is available up to 96" wide.
  • Fixed shelf at 24" (from floor to top of shelf).
  • Available with or without doors.
  • Doors:
    36" & 48" wide: 1 door on each side of the Center Divider.
    60" wide: 1 pair of doors on each side of the Center Divider.
  • Priced as 36" wide Unfinished without Doors.
BM OFC 364216-BAR0
36x24x42 (WxDxH)
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