Table & Chair Sets

Bonanza Round Table & Chair Set
SKU: 0IFD 410RND-T/B [(4)410CHAIR]
Mezecal Table, Chairs, & Bench Set
SKU: 0IFD 567 TABLE T/B [(4)567CHAIR] 567 BENCH
, Moro Dining Set
SKU: 0IFD 686TABLE-T/B [(4) 686CHAIR] 686BENCH
, Taos Table, Chairs & Bench Set
SKU: 0IFD 860TABLE T/B [(4) 864 CHAIR] / 864 BENCH
X Back Bistro Set
SKU: JT T46-30RT/T46-30P <(2) C46-613B>
Size: NA
Sienna High Top Dining Set
SKU: JT T581-148T/148B-36 <(4) S581-142B> <SV581-34>
Size: NA
Cosmopolitan Boat Shape Table with Verona Chairs Dining Set
SKU: JT T581-4096XXT/XXB <(8) C581-170BFX> SV581-34
Size: NA
Double "X" Back Stool High Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-3654XBT/T-236S <(4) S-202B>
Size: NA
Cafe Chair Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-3660XBS <(4) C-61B>
Size: NA
Java Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-4060JXBT/T30J <(6) C-11BFX>
Size: NA
Bow End Table Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-4060XBC <(6) C-20B>
Size: NA
Country French Table And Chair Set
SKU: WHF T-4060XBF <(6) C-219B>
Ladderback Chair Farm Table Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-4066XXT/T-51B <(6) C-2170BFX>
Size: NA
Thick Top Farm Table & Chair Set
SKU: WHF T-4066XXT/T-51B <(8) C-271B>
Size: NA
Gathering Table With Storage Set
SKU: WHF T-4254XBT/XBG <(6) S-9182B>
Birdcage Chair Round Table Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-4848XBT/T7XB <(4) C-18B>
Size: NA
Java 52" Round High Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-52T/T-10G <(4) S-202B>
Size: NA
Java 52" Round Table Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-52T/T10B <(4) C-110B>
Size: NA
Thick Top 10 Seat Dining Set
SKU: WHF T-6060XBT/T73B <(10) C-18B>
Size: NA