Pine 48" Wide Bookcase

Arched Solid Pine Bookcase

The Arched Solid Pine Bookcase is available in a variety of widths and heights to fit any space. The finishes available are gorgeous and last a lifetime. 

These bookcases are well made by Archbold using solid wood.  It features century-old craftsmanship with modern updates, all in solid wood. Enjoy assembled furniture that arrives at your door from an Ohio based company that has been around since 1900.

The Arched Solid Pine Bookcase has adjustable shelves and comes in a variety of paints and stains and even glazes.   Glazing is a wood finishing technique in which a layer of stain color is applied over a stained or painted surface. 

The Amish finishes are the most chemically resistant finishes available.  Spills including acetone, alcohol, or even permanent marker will not damage your finished product. 

We have been proudly selling real wood products for over 60 years!

*Price shown is for 48" W x 12" D x 30" H - Unfinished


This and other 48" width prices below:

WDHUnfinished PriceFactory Finished Price

Factory Finishes below: Colors may vary, samples in-store to verify color if necessary.



  • Other Available Widths Below:

  • Standard Depth: 12 inches

  • Number of adjustable shelves

    • 30″ tall 1 shelf (2 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 36″ tall 2 shelves (4 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 48″ tall 3 shelves (6 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 60″ tall 3 shelves (6 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 72″ tall 3 adjustable shelves (6 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 84″ tall 4 adjustable shelves (8 shelves with 48″ wide)

    • 96″ tall 5 adjustable shelves (10 shelves with 48″ wide)

  • 48-inch wide bookshelf has a vertical center divider with adjustable shelves on both sides

  • 72 and, 84-inch tall bookcases have a fixed shelf at 30 inches for additional stability

*Prices subject to change see store for details.

AF 4830U
48x12x30 Starting at: (WxDxH)
Collection / Style: 
Pine Bookcase